Thursday, January 30, 2020

USMCA: Canada Has the Ball in its Corner

In June 2019, Mexico became the first country to ratify the deal. On January 29, 2020, President  officially signed the USMCA. Now, it's your turn, Canada. Get a move on! It will take another 90 days after all 3 countries have signed the deal for it to take effect.

Here is a review of what's in the USMCA, courtesy of V O X

Here’s a brief overview of what’s in it:
  • Country of origin rules: Automobiles must have 75 percent of their components manufactured in Mexico, the US, or Canada to qualify for zero tariffs (up from 62.5 percent under NAFTA).
  • Labor provisions: 40 to 45 percent of automobile parts must be made by workers who earn at least $16 an hour by 2023. Mexico agreed to pass new labor laws to give greater protections to workers, including migrants and women. Most notably, these laws are supposed to make it easier for Mexican workers to unionize.
  • US farmers get more access to the Canadian dairy market: The US got Canada to open up its dairy market to US farmers, a big issue for Trump.
  • Intellectual property and digital trade: The deal extends the terms of copyright to 70 years beyond the life of the author (up from 50). It also includes new provisions to deal with the digital economy, such as prohibiting duties on things like music and ebooks, and protections for internet companies so they’re not liable for content their users produce.
  • Sunset clause: The agreement adds a 16-year sunset clause — meaning the terms of the agreement expire, or “sunset,” after 16 years. The deal is also subject to a review every six years, at which point the US, Mexico, and Canada can decide to extend the USMCA.
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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Trending: House Plants and Trees in My Home

Hubby is a Promise Keeper:  I had told him I very much wanted a LIVE Christmas tree in 2020. He bought me not one, but two -- AFTER Christmas, of course -- at 75% off!

The trees need to be nurtured and cared for in order to thrive and be the correct height by the time December 2020 rolls around. I hope they do not get too tall as they can grow to over 160 feet tall in the wild, whoa. Also, they may be poisonous to animals, so Kitty must be watched.  I had never heard of these pine trees (which are not truly pine trees as they cannot tolerate low temperatures outdoors).  
In summer it must not be exposed to the blazing sun; the temperature should not exceed 18 degrees Celsius (64 F). In winter, the plant needs a bright room that should be at least between 5 and 10 degrees Celsius (41-50 F).-- wikipedia
Introducing,  Araucaria Heterophylla, AKA, Norfolk Island Pine Tree .  The plant is sometimes referred to as a living Christmas tree. I imagine this to be what Charlie Brown would choose, LoL.

pc: wikipedia
recent purchase: Bamboo plant


Sunday, January 19, 2020

MacKenzie-Childs: My Family's Farmhouse Tour, Part 1

The entire family was awestruck after we each had our turn at the house-tour. 

Daughter says this to me before I had my turn at the farmhouse tour: "Mom, they made us wear covers for our shoes!"  I knew then and there that this road trip was going to be well-worth the effort and accompanying expense.  Boy, was I right. This is a small sampling of our pictures.

dining room table

courtly check everywhere!

Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.
In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. 

Prov. 3:5-6


Thursday, January 16, 2020

Year 2020: What Can God's Hand Do?

Ponder these:   A.  God's hand Can be HEAVY

 But the hand of the Lord was heavy upon them of Ashdod, and he destroyed them, and smote them with emerods, even Ashdod and the coasts thereof. (v 6)

And it was so, that, after they had carried it about, the hand of the Lord was against the city with a very great destruction: and he smote the men of the city, both small and great, and they had emerods in their secret parts. (v 9)

So they sent and gathered together all the lords of the Philistines, and said, Send away the ark of the God of Israel, and let it go again to his own place, that it slay us not, and our people: for there was a deadly destruction throughout all the city; the hand of God was very heavy there. (v 11) ... 1 Samuel 5

"Hands Out" wall decor

B.  God's hand cares for the Believer
I laid me down and slept; I awaked; for the Lord sustained me. Psalm 3:5

"It's as if God's hand was David's pillow." - Dr John Feinberg, 07.08.2018

And even to your old age I am he; and even to hoar hairs will I carry you: I have made, and I will bear; even I will carry, and will deliver you. Isaiah 46:4


Tuesday, January 14, 2020

List of Habits to Be Ridiculously Likeable or Darn Irritating

Too many people succumb to the mistaken belief that being likable comes from natural, unteachable traits that belong only to a lucky few — the good looking, the fiercely social, and the incredibly talented. It’s easy to fall prey to this misconception.
When I speak to smaller audiences, I often ask them to describe the most likable people they have ever worked with. People inevitably ignore innate characteristics (intelligence, extraversion, attractiveness, and so on) and instead focus on qualities that are completely under people’s control, such as approachability, humility, and positivity.
These qualities, and others like them, describe people who are skilled in emotional intelligence (EQ). TalentSmart research data from more than a million people shows that people who possess these skills aren’t just highly likable, they outperform those who don’t by a large margin. Ninety percent of top performers have high EQs, people with high EQs make $29,000 more annually than people with low EQs, and a single-point increase in your emotional intelligence adds $1,300 to your salary. I could go on and on.
Being likable is under your control, and it’s a matter of emotional intelligence. Unlike innate, fixed characteristics, such as your intelligence (IQ), EQ is a flexible skill that you can improve with effort.
To help you improve your EQ, I did some digging to uncover the key behaviors that emotionally intelligent people engage in that make them so likable.
1. They are genuine. Being genuine and honest is essential to being likable. No one likes a fake. People gravitate toward those who are genuine because they know they can trust them. It is difficult to like someone when you don’t know who they really are and how they really feel.
Likable people know who they are. They are confident enough to be comfortable in their own skin. By concentrating on what drives you and makes you happy as an individual, you become a much more interesting person than if you attempt to win people over by making choices that you think will make them like you.

2. They ask thoughtful questions. The biggest mistake people make when it comes to listening is they’re so focused on what they’re going to say next or how what the other person is saying is going to affect them that they fail to hear what’s being said. The words come through loud and clear, but the meaning is lost. A simple way to avoid this is to ask a lot of questions. People like to know you’re listening, and something as simple as a clarification question shows that not only are you listening, you also care about what they’re saying. You’ll be surprised how much respect and appreciation you gain just by asking questions.

3. They don’t pass judgment. If you want to be likable you must be open-minded. Being open-minded makes you approachable and interesting to others. No one wants to have a conversation with someone who has already formed an opinion and is not willing to listen.

Having an open mind is crucial in the workplace where approachability means access to new ideas and help. To eliminate preconceived notions and judgment, you need to see the world through other people’s eyes. This doesn’t require you believe what they believe or condone their behavior, it simply means you quit passing judgment long enough to truly understand what makes them tick. Only then can you let them be who they are.

4. They don’t seek attention. People are averse to those who are desperate for attention. You don’t need to develop a big, extroverted personality to be likable. Simply being friendly and considerate is all you need to win people over. When you speak in a friendly, confident, and concise manner, you will notice that people are much more attentive and persuadable than if you try to show them you’re important. People catch on to your attitude quickly and are more attracted to the right attitude than what—or how many people—you know.
When you’re being given attention, such as when you’re being recognized for an accomplishment, shift the focus to all the people who worked hard to help you get there. This may sound cliché, but if it’s genuine, the fact that you pay attention to others and appreciate their help will show that you’re appreciative and humble—two adjectives that are closely tied to likability.
5. They are consistent. Few things make you more unlikable than when you’re all over the place. When people approach you, they like to know whom they’re dealing with and what sort of response they can expect. To be consistent you must be reliable, and you must ensure that even when your mood goes up and down it doesn’t affect how you treat other people.

6. They use positive body language. Becoming cognizant of your gestures, expressions, and tone of voice (and making certain they’re positive) will draw people to you like ants to a picnic. Using an enthusiastic tone, uncrossing your arms, maintaining eye contact, and leaning towards the person who’s speaking are all forms of positive body language that high-EQ people use to draw others in. Positive body language can make all the difference in a conversation.
It’s true that how you say something can be more important than what you say.

7. They leave a strong first impression. Research shows most people decide whether or not they like you within the first seven seconds of meeting you. They then spend the rest of the conversation internally justifying their initial reaction. This may sound terrifying, but by knowing this you can take advantage of it to make huge gains in your likability. First impressions are tied intimately to positive body language. Strong posture, a firm handshake, smiling, and opening your shoulders to the person you are talking to will help ensure that your first impression is a good one.

8. They greet people by name. Your name is an essential part of your identity, and it feels terrific when people use it. Likable people make certain they use others’ names every time they see them. You shouldn’t use someone’s name only when you greet him. Research shows that people feel validated when the person they’re speaking with refers to them by name during a conversation.
If you’re great with faces but have trouble with names, have some fun with it and make remembering people’s names a brain exercise. When you meet someone, don’t be afraid to ask her name a second time if you forget it right after you hear it. You’ll need to keep her name handy if you’re going to remember it the next time you see her.

9. They smile. People naturally (and unconsciously) mirror the body language of the person they’re talking to. If you want people to like you, smile at them during a conversation and they will unconsciously return the favor and feel good as a result.

10. They know who to touch (and they touch them). When you touch someone during a conversation, you release oxytocin in their brain, a neurotransmitter that makes their brain associate you with trust and a slew of other positive feelings. A simple touch on the shoulder, a hug, or a friendly handshake is all it takes to release oxytocin. Of course, you have to touch the right person in the right way to release oxytocin, as unwanted or inappropriate touching has the opposite effect. Just remember, relationships are built not just from words, but also from general feelings about each other. Touching someone appropriately is a great way to show you care.

11. They balance passion and fun. People gravitate toward those who are passionate. That said, it’s easy for passionate people to come across as too serious or uninterested because they tend to get absorbed in their work. Likable people balance their passion with the ability to have fun. At work they are serious, yet friendly. They still get things done because they are socially effective in short amounts of time and they capitalize on valuable social moments. They minimize small talk and gossip and instead focus on having meaningful interactions with their coworkers. They remember what you said to them yesterday or last week, which shows that you’re just as important to them as their work.

Bringing It All Together
Likable people are invaluable and unique. They network with ease, promote harmony in the workplace, bring out the best in everyone around them, and generally seem to have the most fun. Add these skills to your repertoire and watch your likability soar!
Please share your thoughts in the comments section, as I learn just as much from you as you do from me.

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Sunday, January 12, 2020

Iran General Qassem Soleimani: Do Not Believe the Main Stream Media

Straight Talk from Iranians Who Know the Truth

Protesters in Tehran clash with riot police as they demand the Ayatollah RESIGNS and call for regime change after Iran finally admits to shooting down jet and killing 176 people - NTEB

PRESIDENT TRUMP ORDERS PENTAGON TO TAKE OUT TOP IRANIAN GENERAL IN STUNNING AIRSTRIKE: Talk about a difference, President Trump isn’t playing around not even one tiny, little bit. This administration is the polar opposite of how Barack Obama conducted business, allowing Iran to virtually walk all over us at every given opportunity. Mere days after pro-Iranian militia attacked the US Embassy in Baghdad, President Trump has ordered a precision strike on the top Quds Force general, and now he’s dead. Of course, the only problem this raises now is that war with Iran is becoming an ever-increasing and high likelihood. We’ve been telling you for months that 2020 is going to be a wild and out of control type of year, and that is exactly what we have been seeing all week. -- Now the End Begins


Thursday, January 9, 2020

My Agnes Rathonyi Art Collection Increaseth

Summertime had my sisters sending me pictures of our fave Canadian Artist's various works during a yearly festival which they were attending.

 I texted about this little piece of original art which had my favorite shade of green in it. 
Alas, I was told that it was bought by someone else by the time my Sibs got around to inquiring about its price and availability on my behalf.  Darn. 

I had a feeling that one of my sisters had purchased it for herself as she also likes the same shade of green.  I was right --- she did purchase it -- for ME!!!!  It was my belated Birthday gift which she gave on Christmas eve.  I was beyond stunned and happy.  She and her hubby are soooo generous. Praise the Lord!  Here it is on our Art Gallery wall.


Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Bath Renovation: Before & After, Bathroom #2

I just love how our bathroom renovation turned-out after 25+ years of doing nothing!  Being blessed with six kids to raise and support kinda changes your financial priorities. Not regretting that decision, but now I  no longer cringe when guests choose to use this CR.  No more dingy wall tiles, nor broken floor tiles, nor messed-up plumbing. It's almost-all new! Thank You, Lord.