Sunday, December 6, 2015

MacKenzie Childs @ Bloomingdales

I am a huge MacKenzie Childs fan.  I buy my pieces piecemeal -- I MUST since running our huge household and acquiring their gorgeous albeit expensive items are not often mutually inclusive. All in good time ... Good things come to those who wait ...let patience have her perfect work ...

Anyhoo, I was beyond thrilled to finally meet Rebecca Proctor, MacKenzie-Childs' Creative Director. She was at the Bloomindale's store in my neck of the woods for the opening of their MC shop.  She and 3 others are in charge of all of the MacKenzie Childs designs, year in and year out. Take a look at the MC  web site for the culmination of their combined vast talent. 

What an awesome job Mrs Proctor has: Creating beautiful designs, travelling to many places, and bringing joy to their many customers including moi.

Rebecca Proctor, MacKenzie Childs' Creative Director, autographing my lampshade

pumpkins in various sizes