Thursday, April 21, 2016

My Mother of the Groom outfit

By the time you read this, our oldest son is set to marry in a Civil Ceremony in Europe. We can hardly wait!  May the Lord Jesus Christ answer our prayers for us to be present at the wedding; and enjoy the day with him, our new daughter in law, her parents, and their guests.  
Anthropologie "Pintura Maxi Skirt" and a  matching blazer

Miu Miu shoes

Awesome multi-color nails

Hair color refreshed

Plus, the all-important legal stuff to get there, 

and back

first, and most recent

Other than packing well and completely, I think I'm good to go.


Sunday, April 17, 2016

Roses and Euros

(A) While on our daily walk with our dogs, we came across these gorgeous fresh roses -- at our Home Owners Association's dumpster storage door. Pictured just as we found them. Most likely leftovers from a recent HOA-venue party.  What a pleasant surprise for the next dumpster diver!

(B)  Laid eyes on Euros and got them in my grubby little hands for the first time ever. Part of our preparation for our trip. Just a thought -- is this the future currency of a one-government world? If so, I won't need much.  No need for me to hoard. Rapture time rolling around soon.  Maranatha -- Come, Lord Jesus!

via wikipedia

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Teaching an old Dog new tricks: Noxzema & Toilets

Lesson 1:  Our 6 children and our cats were never ones to play with the toilet bowl and its contents, so we had no need for the item below.  My first encounter with the toilet-cover lock would have earned me an F-grade; and the inventor an A+ because it actually works! I found it impossible to open the lid. Had to humble myself and be shown how to unlock it by youngest daughter ( it's a two-step process, you dum dum).  It is not as easy as it looks, dear reader. You have been warned. 
Safety 1st Swing Shut Toilet Lock

Lesson 2: I began re-using Noxzema about 5 years ago.  My girls also loved it. One day, youngest daughter was looking for our bottle, and asked "Mom, where's the Noxzema?", pronouncing the product  as  “no-eczema”.  I found our bottle, and lo and behold, the label does look like it's pronounced as she said.  

Fact is, that was the basis for the marketing of its name as we now know it.  Its  was originally called Townsend R22 by the inventor, Dr. Francis Townsend.  In what is now a well-known legend, one customer told Dr. Bunting (who was given  the formula, and called the product, Dr Bunting's Sunburn Remedy), “Your product knocked out my eczema!”.  Realizing he had a brand name, he repackaged it as Noxzema

pic credit: wikipedia

Saturday, April 9, 2016

The Princess Bride bed

Awwww ... how very sweet and romantic of our son.

It's his current project:  a bed frame for himself and his soon-to-be, and beautiful-as-a-Princess wife. I am jealous, which prompted me to email hubby with a question:

Me:  Hon, why didn't you ever build ME a bed?
Hubby:  I did not build you a bed because I was busy with my full time job. 
Hubby: And this type of wooden bed would not have lasted as you got pregnant with our kids 6x.
Hubby:  Don't you remember that I bought you a water-bed instead?

Aaaah, thanks for the memories, luv. Goooood times!

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Are we rich yet?

 The price of each of hubby's company stock increased by over 38 percentage points for Year 2015. Per the Trustee who give their valuation once a year, this increase was attributable to: higher Enterprise Value expectations of the company, confidence in the company's ability to meet projections, higher cash balances, lower debt commitments, and fewer shares outstanding. 

So, on paper at least, our personal financial standing has improved.  What an answer to our daily prayer to the Lord Jesus Christ for the company to do well sales-wise; and to be kept from a variety of  trouble!  However, we choose to remain sober-minded, and not trust in uncertain riches.  God is the Giver, and He will provide for us as we have need.