Monday, January 21, 2013

Rubenstein Encourged Jan Paderewski

A red-haired, talented Polish lad wanted to be a pianist.  However, teachers at the conservatory gave no encouragement.  He was told that his fingers were too short and thick for the piano.  Later he brought a cornet.  The same answer was given to him with the statement that he should try another instrument.  Passed around like a hot potato, he went back to the piano.

Embittered and discouraged, h chanced to meet the famous composer and pianist, Anton Rubinstein.  The young Pole played for him.  Rubinstein praised and encouraged him.  The lad promised to practice seven hours a day.  Words of praise changed the entire world for Jan Paderewski. ~ Loy C. Laney

Ignacy Jan Paderewski's Steinway piano.  He  was a Polish pianist, composer, diplomat, politician, and the second Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland