Sunday, February 8, 2009

Game Night/Birthday Party 02/07/2009

Last night, we celebrated Romy &am p; Kristi's birthdays. It was a small gathering of the 8 of us; Brian; Manang Glenda; Chris, Marissa, & Bailey; and the Mojetski Family. Chinese take-out, pizza, plus our usual stuff. Lots of screaming and silly string. AJ had spent time with Nate M. at Laser Quest in the early afternoon. Farrah's picture shows her mouth filled with icing, lol.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Fashion & Daughter FJE

Here are a couple of pictures of F J Rose. Picture A (top): White, formal Angelo dress with gorgeous, (over-the-top) Lipstik shoes. Dress is from a re-sale shop. Shoes are from NM (sale).

Picture B (bottom): Getting ready for Junior Choir last Saturday (1/31/2009)! Blue jeans paired with the Childrens Place's Goldenish Jacket w/ rhinestone buttons. Blue jeans given by the Phillips Family; CP jacket purchased on sale.


Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Birthday, my Beloved Husband!

Before I forget, I want to greet my wonderful DH: Happy Birthday, dear Romy. You are the love of my life, and my one and only. I love you more than ever, Sweetie!

I found how to locate/use the external drive on our computer. So, there's a treasure trove of old pics that I can use for posting on tPF. Yippeeeee! Here are more pictures from last night's Super Bowl party at PMBC. Super fun time had by all. Picture A: Game table with the children. They loved a speedy game called "Mennonite Madness" (no insult meant for any Mennonites here, lol). We also played a favorite--- Apples to Apples. Picture B: Jared Vs. Cindy. Cindy won! Construction work plus Electrical work plus Sewing have built up her muscles. Picture C: Jared Vs. Janice. Jared won (finally). He lost last week.

Oh, yeah, the Super Bowl Game --- 
Steelers, 27; Cardinals, 23



Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super-Bowl Sunday at Church

Got to church on time in the am, for once. Super Bowl Party at 5:30 pm. Chili dish, plus whatever else is brought. Table games too. "Psychic" Nun said the Steelers will win by 6. Same Nun who predicted that the Bears would make it, LOL. Here are some pics from this morning at Park Manor; some of our children around the piano (Kristi is main Pianist),plus Katie with her back to the camera.