Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Dentist Office: Indoor Waterfall

I like waiting at my Dentists' waiting room, especially if I am doing just that -- waiting for someone else who is several doors away (where I can not hear her), getting her rotten teeth filled with the help of multiple Novocaine shots to deaden the pain. 
So, I wait and wait; and sit on a nice leather chair in a tastefully decorated room. There is free coffee from a Keurig, and a playroom for young children.  I can watch cable TV from multiple screens or read the latest magazines. The indoor waterfall trickling down the floor-to-ceiling glass wall provides a soothing background sound. However, I am aware that since the Dentists' move to this - their new luxurious pad - my family has had to have more appointments than ever. Coincidence, or part of a well thought-out plan on their part?  How much of this luxury is funded, indirectly or directly, out of my own pocket??