Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Rhinoceros Day 2020 & Paisley

In honor of Rhinoceros Day, here is my beautiful Rhino paisley candle that I "inherited" from my parents. 

The article below will add to the fascination you may have had about this endangered species.   This is definitely a case where ALL Rhino lives matter -- whether it be a black or white Rhinoceros. 

In honor of Save the Rhino Day, here are some surprising things you may not know about these majestic and powerful creatures. - by Ashley Papa / Reader's Digest

They’re an economic boon

“They bring in large amounts of income from tourism and are vital to the ecosystem,” says Jennifer Fermon, director of impact for GreaterGood.org, a group that, among other causes, works to end poaching, protect rhino habitats, and raise awareness of the rhino’s plight. Rhinos also help keep the local flora and fauna healthy thanks to their dung, which supports fly, beetle, and fungus species.


Rhinos are surrounded by strife

“Instability and war in regions where the black rhino resides make conservation efforts for that species difficult,” says Fermon. But more and more organizations like Fermon’s are stepping in to protect the habitat.


Their skin regimen is impressive

A rhino’s skin is actually quite sensitive. They protect it from the sun by covering themselves in mud and letting it dry, according to Discover Wildlife. Rhinos will also rub their bodies against tree trunks and rocks to remove bugs, such as ticks


They’re really fast

They make look heavy and slow, but rhinos can run an incredible 30 to 40 mph, according to The Australian Rhino Project. Black rhinos reach speeds up to 50 mph—or nearly twice as fast as Usain Bolt!

They’re critically endangered

At the beginning of the 20th century, there were 500,000 rhinos across Africa and Asia, Save the Rhino estimates. Today, the organization says there are 29,000 rhinos in the wild. This is because of poaching and loss of habitat, which has put all rhino species in danger of extinction. Here are 10 more animals you may not have realized are endangered.


The largest species is the white rhino

They grow 12 to 13 feet in length and up to 6 feet high, measured from the ground to shoulder, according to the San Diego Zoo. White rhinos weigh around 5,000 lbs.

White rhinos are not extinct

The Northern white rhino is almost completely gone—only two females remain. However, Northern white rhinos have been extinct in the wild since 2008. White rhinos—or Southern white rhinos—are at the “Near Threatened” status; more than 20,000 still exist in the wild, according to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). But don’t get discouraged: Here are photos of 10 endangered baby animals that are making a comeback.

The smallest rhino species

The San Diego Zoo also reports that the smallest of the five rhino species is the Sumatran rhino, which grows eight to ten feet long, nearly five feet high, and weighs around 1,765 lbs.

Rhinos are vegetarians

It may be hard to believe given their size, but rhinos are not predators and they don’t eat meat. As herbivores, they survive on eating plants—lots and lots of plants.

pc: wikipedia

They have very stringent schedules

Rhinos spend their days and nights grazing and only sleep during the hottest parts of the day, reports National Geographic. When they aren’t eating, they like a cooling mud soak.


Birds are their best friends

Rhinos tend to be solitary, but they make an exception for oxpeckers, a type of bird. According to Livescience.com, the oxpecker will sit on a rhino’s back and eat the bugs that crawl on the rhino’s skin. The bird will also call out when danger approaches.


Black rhinos have two horns

It might look like one, but the black rhino has two horns. The International Rhino Foundation reports that the front horn is larger and can range from 20 to 55 inches long. The rear horn is smaller and measures up to 22 inches long.

A rhino pregnancy lasts 15 to 16 months

That may be a long pregnancy, but the Rhino Orphanage reports that a newborn rhino will be up and walking within one hour of its birth. Also, a newborn rhino usually starts nursing from its mom within the first five hours after being born and will start grazing at around two months of age. 
pc: Chicago Tribune

A pack of rhinos is called a crash

Most people know that a bunch of birds is a flock, and a group of fish is a school, but few know that a herd of rhinos is called a crash. Which makes sense, if you’ve ever had a crash coming after you.


Rhinos mark territory with dung

The International Rhino Foundation also reports that an adult rhino can produce as much as 50 pounds of dung per day, a result of their extremely high-fiber diet and the fact that they have to eat so much. Rhinos can tell a lot about each other from their dung, such as age, gender, and diet. 

Around 500,000 rhinos once roamed free

According to the World Wildlife Fund, about 500,000 rhinos lived across Asia and Africa at the beginning of the 20th century. However, by 1970, just 70 years later, the rhino population dramatically dropped to as few as 70,000 worldwide. There were, and still are, five different species of rhinos, including the Javan rhino, the Sumatran rhino, the greater one-horned rhino, the black rhino, and the white rhino. Here are 15 things you never knew about rhinos. Reader's Digest


Sunday, September 20, 2020

Pet Life: Rescued Shih Tzu Dog's Haircut in the News

An 11-pound Shih Tzu named Ellie Mae had 9 pounds of matted hair removed from her tiny body after being rescued by the Nebraska Humane Society (NHS) in one of “the worst” needs for a haircut the shelter had ever seen. Five hours after the procedure, the brave dog took her first steps outside and the organization says she is “doing better than ever — she seems like a whole new dog.” - FoxNews

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Bathroom Renovation: Small Bathroom Ideas

This subject of small bathrooms is always a subject of interest to me. Near and dear to my heart, for certain.  

One of our very own bathrooms is only 55 square feet (11 by 5 feet) in square footage total. Long and rectangular.  It's only source of natural light is a skylight (very thankful for it). What to do to give it a WoW factor since its the main bathroom for Guests??

Below are examples of other renovated, small but cute bathrooms.   

6 Small Bathrooms With Dramatic Walk-In Showers.  In 65 square feet or less, these designers make big design statements using stylish tile and bold contrast (by HOUZZ.com)

1. Large Black Tile in Herringbone Pattern With White Grout
Designer: Brooke Brown of L&B
Location: Houston
Size: 50 square feet (4.6 square meters); 5 by 10 feet

Homeowners’ request. “The homeowner wanted this main floor bathroom to wow her guests the moment they walked in,” designer Brooke Brown says. “The brass fixtures soften and warm up the sharp black-and-white contrast, which creates a timeless yet modern space.”

2. Small Marble Tile in Herringbone Pattern
Designers: Liz Diseati (project manager) and VW Fowlkes (principal designer) of Fowlkes Studio
Location: New York City
Size: 50 square feet (4.6 square meters); 5 by 10 feet

Homeowners’ request. A midcentury modern bathroom with a double vanity and a large shower. “The original layout had a small closet that was not very functional. We took over the closet space with the new layout to increase the size of the bathroom and allow room for a double vanity and a more generous shower,” designer VW Fowlkes says.

3. Handmade Tile That Looks Like Tree Bark
Designer: Danielle Loven of Vivid Interior
Location: Eden Prairie, Minnesota
Size: 40 square feet (3.7 square meters); 5 by 8 feet

Homeowners’ request. Remove a bathtub and add a walk-in shower that would feature rustic textured tile that nods to the home’s wooded surrounding.

4. Marble Basket-Weave Tile

Designer: Laura Fox
Location: McLean, Virginia
Size: 65 square feet (6 square meters); 5 by 13 feet

Homeowners’ request. Update a 1960s-era bathroom and its baby-blue tile, toilet and bathtub to create a brighter, more luxurious and elegant design with more storage.

5. Black Hexagonal Floor Tile
Designer: Michele McIntyre
Location: Newport Beach, California
Size: 60 square feet (5.6 square meters)

Homeowners’ request. “This was new construction for an investor client, so I had complete creative freedom,” designer Michele McIntyre says. “However, it’s a guest bath visible from a walk to the powder room for all guests in the home, so I chose easy-on-the-eye yet interesting details.”

6. Black Marble Tile

Designers: Morgan and Jamie Molitor of construction2style
Location: Elk River, Minnesota
Size: 42 square feet (3.9 square meters)

Homeowners’ request. Update a guest bathroom and free up space by removing the tub and large vanity and installing a walk-in shower and floating vanity.

Read full Houzz aarticle H E R E