Sunday, August 18, 2019

MacKenzie-Childs: Farmhouse Kitchen in Honeymoon

The MC farmhouse is used as a 3-story showcase of MacKenzie-Childs' past and current products -- some of which are priceless one-of-a-kind items or items discontinued long ago. 

  The kitchen remains in working order (used by MC employees in the past); and incredibly well-decorated... chock-full of their gorgeous stuff. Style is mostly in pink checks which indicates  their HONEYMOON pattern; or Rose Petal as in their drawer knobs. Courtly Check, Parchment Check, Fish, and their other patterns are also present.  The room is large, bright, and mostly in my favorite color combo of pink (wooohoooo!!) and white. The high-end appliances are by VIKING

We toured on our own, so some questions remain unanswered. Daughter went through the house tour twice -- willingly!  Son matched the kitchen with his pink shorts.  No complaints from him neither. Strong central a/c helped a lot, me thinks.

drawer-pull detail of Honeymoon Rose Petal pattern


Friday, August 16, 2019

Bathroom Renovation: Double Vanities

I am very thankful for our own double sink/vanity. It was especially useful while all of our kids were still residing at home.   Disappointed that the MacKenzie-Childs  Farmhouse had single sinks in all of their bathrooms; though each bathroom did have double shower-heads and their use of tile was awe inspiring.

MC Farmhouse bathroom sink

MC bathroom double shower heads

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

While I was Driving: Embarrasing Gross License Plate

The guy already has a luxurious Lamborghini; what else is he compensating for?  I'd like to know what his wife thought of this too. I would certainly be very uncomfortable riding with him. 

Reminds me of my natural-birth teacher whose license plate read, "KEGEL".  Her teen-aged son refused to drive the car, LoL.