Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Kitchen Renovation: Open Concept by Danielle Nicholas Bryk

pc: house and home
Luv the look of this kitchen.  I had never heard of designer, Danielle Nicholas Bryk, till now.  I still have my HULU account so I may see what she is about style-wise as I binge-watch renovation shows.

YES, yes, Yes to the retro-style fridge, long dining room table, open metal racks, wood floor, exposed brick, and stainless steel counters!

pc: Chambers Appliances


Sunday, February 17, 2019

You Want Colour? Consider Missoni for Bath Towels

When there's nothing but ice, snow, cold temperatures, and cloudy days -- furnish your home in vibrant shots of color with Missoni

pc: Horchow

pc: Horchow

pc: Horchow

pc: Missoni
pc: Nordstrom

NOTE: Missoni products are rather pricey. Buy items which are on sale. I've usually bought my towels from HORCHOW or Amara (UK). Horchow has free shipping for towels.  


Friday, February 15, 2019

Is It Good News for English and Spanish Speakers?

True or False?

ENGLISHtotal speakers  983 million

SPANISHtotal speakers 527 million

add together = 1.5 billion people

Estimated world population = 7.6 billion

1.5 divided by 7.6 is barely 20% of the current world population.

  The Nerds -- you are wrong!

The Lord Jesus Christ speaking