Saturday, November 21, 2015

Pretty Baby

I am not a fan of SERIAL anything especially concerning relationships/marriage. I had one boyfriend in my youth, and married him. Same with oldest daughter, and our second-born too. Third-born son is in his first and only serious relationship. He would never dump his GF unless a zombie apocalypse were to occur, LoL. Fourth-born, however, is not sticking to the script: she has found herself a second BF. Whoa. Has she gone off the deep end?  She most certainly has a loose screw. Why oh why did she force this poor mom into un-chartered relationship territory? I feel discombobulated. Where's my aspirin?! Waaah!!!

I truly miss her first BF, Jay.  I've been pining for him for several weeks
(“Gee, Mom, you're taking this a lot harder than I am”, says she). He was talented, good-looking, able to translate Italian, a great cook, and gifted with Piano chops. He was also smart and on the fast track to Med School. I had imagined him marrying my daughter, and them having a baby girl who'll look just like the one pictured below -- extremely near-sighted and all -- just as he was.  Sigh.