Friday, October 28, 2011

Michael Pearl vs Anderson Cooper

Spanking is well understood, traditionally. I represent 230 million parents who practice corporal chastisement on their children. And they call it "spanking" or "swatting." They do not call it "beating" or "hitting." Because there's a clear distinction. 

The distinction is spanking is administered for the child's good, and it's done with an instrument. It's done, not in order to create pain. It's not done in order to create significant pain. It's not done in order to create suffering. It's done to gain the child's attention so you can admonish them. - Michael Pearl

Click HERE for the exhange between the two
on Anderson's  360 show

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Angelina's of Maryland: Blue Crab Jumbo Crabcakes

I had ordered this Entree from Saks Fifth Avenue months ago, and only now had I the time to consume it. No fancy preparations as you can see, but none were needed. FULL of  Crab, barely any fillers, very very tasty. It was simply divine!  I had never had so much Crab meat for so little work --- no need to get my hands dirty cracking Crabs and poking around the nooks and crannies trying to get every little piece.  Well-worth the $65 for 6 cakes @ 4oz each. Easy to prepare. A lot of Blue Crab for the money.

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What it should have looked like:

Monday, October 17, 2011

Does this surprise you?

Image: as in photo below
Phrase: I LOVE ME

Question: Who is the owner of this  Internet Savings Account?

Hint: He is my unofficial blog photographer; the love-of-his life is currently our Pet dog; he has not had a hair cut since mid-July; and the Phrase above describes him to a tee  :-)

Monday, October 10, 2011

Sometimes you bite

I am consumed by you.
I am consumed by your boldness; your crisp way of putting things into motion. You are a doer. I am a dreamer. You help me on my feet when I'm too hazy to be coherent. You exude clarity.
Somehow I find that I think better, I feel better, every time you're near. I even remember things more when you're a part of my day.
My heart can't help but race around you.... sometimes I can even feel it pounding in my chest, because I know you're knocking on the door of my heart.
You make my cheeks blush pinker than the blossoms on a mimosa tree. I look ridiculous and it's all your fault. But I love that about you.
You have such an infectious energy. I jump. I skip. I run. I leap. I dash. I carouse. And it's all because of you.
You inspire me. I write so much more and think much more clearly when you're with me.
You make my pupils dilate with elation. You make my blood run hot in my veins.
I am taken by your touch. You rattle my bones. I can only sense you so much before I shiver and shake. Sometimes, you even render me dizzy. But I'm hooked on the feeling.
You never fail to keep me up at night.
I am intoxicated by your sweet, spicy aroma. I get high on it.
I love the easy way you glide over my anxious lips, your warmth washing over me and lifting my spirits.
You're bittersweet. Sometimes you bite. Sometimes you're sharp as a tack. Yet there are days where I see the more dulcet side of you. You're smooth and mellow. You always keep things interesting.
You've taught me about taking risks. You've taught me about courage. You, always living life on the edge.
You've given me enthusiasm and bright smiles. Everything is exciting, everything is beautiful, when you share my world.
With all the stress I go through, most of the time, it's you who gets me through the day. I can always depend on you. Thanks for that.
You make me feel alive like nothing else can.
I consume you.
My delicious love.

My morning coffee.
(I go to Kaldi's and order you Tall, Dark, and... handsome :D)
by Erin
Strawberry & Cream Frappuccino

BV + Starbucks = Luv