Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Teen Survey Favorite: Chick-Fil-A Restaurant & Son

It's our AJ's Birthday! 

What a blessing this guy has been. Affectionate, likeable, generous, and now happily working for Chick-fil-A as a part-timer.

For the fourth consecutive time, Chick-fil-A came out as teens’ favorite restaurant chain in Piper Jaffrey’s 39th semi-annual “Taking Stock With Teens” survey, which aims to monitor Generation Z’s spending habits and brand loyalties.

According to the findings — which were determined by analyzing self-reported data from 9,500 subjects with an average age of 15.8 — Starbucks, Chipotle, McDonald’s and Dunkin’ followed close behind, rounding out the top five preferred places to spend cash. - Fox News

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Our Velux Skylight, Part 2

This is GORGEOUS!  Luv the picture below via Ashley Stark Kenner (she is the Creative Director of Stark Carpet and owner of Scalamandre.  Why is it that I tend to take note of the filthy rich when they post on decor or lifestyle?!  Aerin Lauder is another example, yipes). 

I wanted lots of light streaming in from a skylight, windows, and door; and a view of our backyard.


Realistically:  Had to stay within the footprint of what we already had. Stuck to what was practical and within our budget of approximately $25k. Got a herringbone floor installed at a different spot in the house. On sunny days, when sunshine streams in from the SW, our kitchen is wonderfully aglow with light.

I remain pleased with our choices.

Pictures of others' skylights 

All things are artificial, 
for Nature is the art of God. 
- Thomas Browne


Friday, October 25, 2019

Hillary Clinton: Why is She Not the POTUS??

Mrs Hillary R. Clinton has another birthday (October 26) coming up

Why is she not the POTUS? She is rich, powerful, influential, abundantly experienced in the ways of Politics, yet ... 

Was it the Russians? or was it wikileaks ? or was it Podesta ? Or Comey? or was it a sexual predator husband ? or was a staff's husband Wiener's immoral pictures resulting in him going to prison for pedophelia porn? was it subpoena violation ? or was it the corrupt foundation ? or was it the congressional lies ? or was it the Benghazi bungle ? or was it pay for play ? or was it travel-gate scandal ? or was it whitewater scandal ? or the cattlegate scandal ? Or the TrooperGate scandal ? Or was it the $15 million for Chelsea's apt bought with foundation money ... Chelsea's wedding paid for with Foundation money? Or Comey's investigation ? Or her husbands interference with Loretta Lynch and the investigation? Or was it stealing debate questions? Was it forensically deleting 30,000 emails ? Was it the Seth Rich murder ? Was it calling half the USA deplorable ? Was it the underhanded treatment of Bernie Sanders ? Was it the Vince Foster murder ? The Jennifer Flowers assault ? The Jennifer Flowers settlement ? The Paula Jones law suit ? The $800,000 Paula Jones settlement ? The lie about taking on sniper fire ? The impeachment ? The 6 Billion $ she "lost" when in charge of the State Dept? The 10 million she took for the pardon of Marc Rich ? Her wish to abolish the Electoral college in future voting, selling uranium to the Russians,? Hmmmm, I just cant quite put my finger on it, but it seems to be right in front of me.... - Charles Parise

via B R E I T B A R T  

hint, hint, hint
--->>>  OCTOBER SURPRISE??? <<< ---

pc: Illinois Policy, fb

Tulsi Rips Hillary

Newt Gingrich on Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton, life-long Politician



Thursday, October 24, 2019

LIST: Why Buy a Vintage Rug

I am a recipient of one of these old rugs and I love it!!  My parents bought it on one of their trips to Europe (Turkey).

You see them everywhere: Gracing the floors of our favorite hotels, hanging on walls in lieu of art, strewn across kitchen floors and long hallways—even serving as bath mats or stair runners. Yes, vintage rugs have become the holy grail of floor coverings in recent years, but there’s more than meets the eye to this popular alternative to mass-produced rugs. -- Domino Magazine

Reasons You Need to Buy Your Rugs Vintage—Not New

Not only is buying vintage rugs more environmentally friendly, but the ones that stand the test of time long enough to make it into your home are also typically of much higher quality than most rugs produced today. Their flaws also mean that they’re less precious and friendlier to pets and children—because small tears and stains won’t show as much—but also because they’ve typically been handwoven and colored with natural dyes as opposed to pumped with harmful chemicals. Some flatweave rugs are even great options for damp environments like bathrooms and kitchens—or can even withstand outdoor elements.

To figure out which vintage rug is right for you, we outlined six of the most popular types and handpicked a few favorite options for each. No matter your needs, budget, or aesthetic, you’re bound to find the perfect rug for you.

Vintage Moroccan Rugs

When people think of vintage Moroccan rugs, they most often think of Beni Ourain carpets. But there is much more to Moroccan rug-making than the shaggy white numbers with squiggly black lines. Azilal rugs are similar to Beni Ourains, but they are more colorful. Equally colorful Boucherouite rugs have the added bonus of being made out of recycled materials. Boujad rugs are often found in shades of purple, orange, and pink. And those are just the high-pile options.

Moroccan Rug
Beni Ourain
Vintage Kilim Rugs
At the other end of the vintage Moroccan rug spectrum are the flatweave rugs like cactus silk or Kilim varieties. Kilim rugs—which are also found in Romanian and Turkish designs—have gotten a lot of attention in the past year thanks to California boho designers like Amber Lewis and Justina Blakeney. They vary widely in style, ranging from bold and colorful diamond to all-white or neutral motifs. They also have the added bonus of typically being more affordable and hardwearing than other types of vintage rugs.

Vintage Kilim
Vintage Turkish Rugs
Just like Moroccan rugs, Turkish rugs vary in style and variety. Without a doubt, the most popular type these days is the Oushak rug—coveted for its silky, washed-out bohemian appeal and soft shades of cinnamon, terra-cotta, and soft pastels—though this type of rug can easily run thousands of dollars. Turkey also has a variety of heavily patterned Kilim rugs (often in bold hues and geometric patterns), as well as other similar flatweave rugs like Cicims and Sumaks.

Turkish Carpet
Vintage Overdyed Rugs
Overdyed rugs are most often worn-out vintage rugs, bleached and dyed to produce a rich and saturated colors like fuchsia, golden yellow, teal, or indigo. The process began in Istanbul as a way to brighten old, faded rugs and has become so popular that it has extended beyond Turkish rugs. The beauty of this type of rug is that, though more contemporary in style, you can still see the traditional pattern peeking through the saturated hues.

Vintage Persian Rugs

Persian rugs are often hailed as the best in the world and for good reason—the region counts dozens of rug types, all expertly crafted according to their local tradition, though many have distinct similarities. Kashan, Heriz, and Tabriz rugs, for instance, are what we often picture when thinking of Persian rugs: deep red tones and ornate medallions. Gabbeh rugs are a little more modern in style—often designed with simple patterns in tones of orange, rust, or, tan.

Vintage Khotan Rug
Vintage Rug

Vintage Scandinavian Rugs

Perhaps a little less known but definitely just as great is the Scandinavian rug—perfect for the minimalist. Often subtler in pattern and color, Scandinavian rugs are known not as much for their regions—they’re woven in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland—but more so for a few iconic rug makers, namely Marta Maas-Fjetterstrom, Barbro Nilsson, Ann-Mari Forsberg, and Marianne Richte

Ingegerd Silow
Flatweave Rug

Read the Domino Magazine article H E R E


Tuesday, October 22, 2019

MacKenzie-Childs: Summerhouse Flower Rug

Much detail is in every nook and cranny at the MacKenzie-Childs farmhouse. I noticed many beautiful flowers incorporated into their designs, so of course I also wanted flowers.  Why not a runner with flowers in vibrant colors by MC for my newly-renovated kitchen?  Nothing but the best for our sunny spot. No matter the weather or season outdoors, we have our MC Summerhouse Runner. 

rug runner at the MC farmhouse

And one cried unto another, and said, 
Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord of hosts:
 the whole earth is full of his glory.
Isaiah 6:3


Sunday, October 20, 2019

Why You Need a Modern Chandelier

Recently have had to buy at least 5 lighting fixtures for our home.  I knew what I liked via the computer screen. Really liked them once I got them delivered to our house; have heard compliments from others too. 

If I were to choose a fave in the article below, it would be the MoMA's VERTIGO light fixture: Modern, unusual, yet simple.

IMO, always begin with what you like instead of relying on a someone else's list. 

Reasons You Need a Modern Chandelier, Stat- Domino Magazine

To some, the word chandelier might evoke visions of a glimmering, multi-branch gilded antique piece like the one hanging in the ballroom in Beauty and the Beast. Or it may be reminiscent of the light fixtures dripping in Swarovski crystals at the Baccarat Hotel in New York City. But just as dressers and chairs have evolved over time, modern chandeliers look nothing like their traditional counterparts.
In fact, modern chandeliers vary wildly in style and texture. No longer limited to shiny brass and cascading crystals, they feature unexpected materials like plaster, blown glass, paper, wood, and even crochet. Style-wise, they range from mid-century to futuristic and from daintily retro to angular and minimalistic. Truth be told, the only thing that ties them together in the same lighting category is their generous size or multi-light features that make them suitable for making a statement over a dining room table or in a dramatic staircase.
Are you in the market for a new fixture to disrupt your home’s lighting plan? We outline all the various modern chandelier types you might want to consider—from simple LED solutions to over-the-top floral masterpieces.
Geometric Chandeliers
This type of chandelier comes in a variety of shapes: circular, hexagonal, or triangular, and uses anything from traditional incandescent bulbs to LED technology. The one thing they all have in common: They’re bold, angular (or circular), and make a contemporary statement wherever they’re hung.

Floral Chandeliers
Using floral motifs in a chandelier is not a new art form, but modern lighting designers are approaching the use of botanicals in a fresh new way: Florals are no longer simply a decorative accent to the light fixture—they are the light fixture. Seen in materials ranging from plaster to burnished brass and bold chrome, they’d give any room a romantic but modern perspective.


Linear Chandeliers
At the very opposite end of the spectrum from ornate floral chandeliers is ultra-minimalist linear lighting. The ones that are longer than they are large can be perfectly suited to a long rectangular dining table or kitchen counter. Other chandeliers with multiple branches are more sculptural and can work beautifully in large spaces with high ceilings.
Astro-Mobile Light
Regent Light
Lantern Chandeliers
Inspired by the famed Noguchi paper lanterns, these contemporary lanterns range from ultra-minimalist to ornate and decorative. Dimorestudio’s Lampada light is the perfect example of the vintage-inspired lighting that’s making its way back into modern design. While its shade boasts a traditional floral pattern, its shape is decidedly modern.
Mid-Century Chandeliers
When we think of mid-century style, we’re often referring to the 1950s-influenced teak chairs and dressers that are making their way into most modern furniture stores, but the era has so much more to offer in terms of design. For instance, mid-century lighting by famed designers like Poul Henningsen and Jean Roy√®re still feel relevant today, and many more designers are drawing inspiration from this era in lighting.


Futuristic Chandeliers

Worlds away from the crochet look, a slew of futuristic-looking fixtures are also seeing the light in the design sphere. Whether a multi-arm alien-looking chandelier, a breezy fiberglass sculptural light fixture, or a colorful blown-glass piece, there are multiple renditions of this trend, but all signs point to cool abstract shapes and daring colors.

Bubble Chandeliers

Perhaps the most obvious choice when we think of modern chandeliers, globe lighting is dominating the market—whether it’s Lindsey Adelman’s Branching Bubbles collection or mid-century–inspired, Sputnik-like globe iterations. But there’s another type of ethereal lighting that’s making waves in the design world: cloud chandeliers that appear to be floating in air.

Manhattan 58" Chandelier

Crochet Chandeliers

Crochet has been trending in fashion and decor in recent years—just think of wall hangings for the most obvious example—and one of the best ways to showcase this organic weaving method is by (literally) shining a light through it. High-end designers and mass retailers alike are adopting  crochet in lighting—creating beautiful organic shapes and visually captivating chandeliers in the process.


Organic Chandeliers

Made of ceramic, precious stones, plaster, or fine silk, designers such as Apparatus Studio and Eric Roinestad, which specialize in organic-looking chandeliers, draw inspiration from undulating forms in nature or unprocessed materials to create intricate shapes using unique textures and time-tested crafting methods. The result is a variation of beautiful chandeliers that all look wildly different from each other but feel timeless and elegant.

Plaster Circles

LED Chandeliers
LED chandeliers can take many of the forms and styles mentioned above, but they’re distinct because they use a new lighting technology that’s much more sustainable than incandescent bulbs. Most often, though, LED chandeliers are arranged in linear and circular shapes due to their form, which often consists of strips of tiny lights.

Light Rods

Read Domino Magazine article H E R E