Saturday, April 29, 2017

While I was Driving, 7: Baseball License Plates

Take me out to the ball game,
Take me out with the crowd;
Buy me some peanuts and  Cracker Jack,
I don't care if I never get back.
Let me root, root, root for the home team,
If they don't win, it's a shame.
For it's one, two, three strikes, you're out,
At the old ball game.

-- by Jack Norwoth & Albert Von Tilzer, 1908

Friday, April 28, 2017

April is National Poetry Month: She Walks in Beauty

She Walks in Beauty  
( A personal favorite!  Our oldest daughter memorized this poem years ago, and recited it before a church audience that we were visiting.  I was mildly shocked as I had expected her to recite a scripture passage, LoL.  )

She walks in beauty, like the night
Of cloudless climes and starry skies;
And all that's best of dark and bright
Meet in her aspect and her eyes:
Thus mellow'd to that tender light
Which heaven to gaudy day denies.

One shade the more, one ray the less,
Had half impaired the nameless grace
Which waves in every raven tress,
Or softly lightens o'er her face;
Where thoughts serenely sweet express
How pure, how dear their dwelling-place.

And on that cheek, and o'er that brow,
So soft, so calm, yet eloquent,
The smiles that win, the tints that glow,
But tell of days in goodness spent,
A mind at peace with all below,
A heart whose love is innocent!

by Lord Byron, 1813

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Dumpster Roses, Part 2

I had written about these dumpster ROSES in the past.  Saw them again -- around the same time as last year's sighting  -- and this time have gotten clarity: 

 WHAT:  Red roses with a bag of gummy snacks  WHERE: Our HOA's dumpster area  WHO:  The memorial card says a young man named Michael  had died in April 2015 (cause unknown to me). WHY:  I can only guess as to why this spot was chosen. I could be way off --  (1) he may have once been a lifeguard at the subdivision's pool which is a mere few feet away, and within sight of the area.  Did it hold good memories for him of long-ago Summers?  (2) a cul de sac full of homes abutts the spot. What if one of the homes on the street was where he lived?  His family can then discreetly see the people walking by the items, and observe their various reactions to the make-shift memorial to their loved one.

This death, plus recent news on other young men's deaths have grieved my heart.

The suicide of Football player, Aaron Hernandez

 ETHAN ROSER, Wheaton College student , who died suddenly on April 22nd from an accident at a sporting event.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Science Matters According to Gilligan

Science Matters, Part 1

A Gilligan's Island fan thought that Science matters as evidenced by the picture below during a recent Earth Day event attended by our neighbour.  

Earth Day 2017 coincided with the Science March held in many places.  IMO, the march was just another opportunity for Leftists to get world-wide (free) coverage as they demean the POTUS;  and flex the muscles of their superior brains as we ignorant, average folk shake in our non-designer boots.  Okay, I admit to being ignorant on many Science/Environmental issues, but information is out there.  Fact is, there is way too much information on this divisive subject. Thus, I appreciate short articles that get to the heart of the matter. Below is an excerpt of one.  BOLD means a link for the source.

Green Energy is Inefficient
Climate change and renewable energy is one of the chief causes of the Science March, championed by Bill Nye and others. The march was deliberately scheduled to take place on Earth Day, when people are supposed to demonstrate their support for the environment by turning all their lights on...
Yet many of the fossil fuel alternatives championed by the eco-warriors are woefully inefficient. Wind farms in particular are a poster child for wastefulness, operating at 90 percent capacity or above for just 17 hours a year .  Solar energy is another shocker – according to electrical engineering professor Petr Beckmann,  it would take 1,000 hours of pure sunshine for a 15-square inch solar panel to generate the same amount of energy as a single lump of coal. 
In the U.K., vast sums of money have been poured into green energy schemes, only to disappear  after the companies that took advantage of government spending either went into administration or failed to deliver. 
Another problem for environmentalists:  wind turbines have killed more birds of prey  like eagles, raptors, and kestrals than deliberate shootings and poisoning.

LINK to article:  5 Scientific Facts the "Science March" Has Yet to Acknowledge

Sunday, April 23, 2017

5 Who are Missing in Malaysia

These mysterious disappearances first caught my attention when I learned that  Raymond Koh, one of the missing whose kidnapping was caught on video, is actually personally known by a friend from a church we used to attend in the 1980s.  

Published on 11 Apr 2017 7:00PM · By Chan Kok Leong

CHURCH leaders and the Malaysian Bar today urged the authorities and government to look into the disappearance of five activists reported in the last six months.
Concerned with  the abduction of Pastor Raymond Koh and disappearance of Joshua Hilmy and his wife, Ruth, and Amri Che Mat, Council of Churches Malaysia (CCM) general-secretary Rev Dr Hermen Shastri said several Christian leaders have conveyed their concern to the authorities.
“Christian leaders have gotten in touch with the authorities and government leaders to ask them to look into these abductions,” Hermen told The Malaysian Insight.
“We have also expressed concerns about the manner of the abduction (of Koh) and hope the authorities will keep us informed of the developments,” he said.
Christian Federation of Malaysia chairman Rev Eu Hong Seng confirmed the meetings with government and other political leaders.
“Yes, we have met the authorities and government leaders to express our anxiety regarding the abduction of Pastor Koh and others.
“And we are confident that what needs to be done is being by done by them. Until then, we are praying for their safe return,” said Eu, who is also the National Evangelical Christian Fellowship chairman.
Malaysians at large are worried and hope this mystery can be solved quickly, Archbishop Ng Moon Hing of the Anglican Church, told The Malaysian Insight today.
“Christian leaders are very concerned with the abduction of Pastor Raymond Koh. Now with more missing people, it is more worrying. 
“We feel for the families of these missing people and pray for the authorities to help solve this mystery at the shortest time span possible. I believe Christian leaders are willing to assist in any possible manner in finding these people,” said Ng.
Newly elected president of the Malaysian Bar George Varughese said it is shocking that a growing number of Malaysians can disappear and not be found for days, weeks and months.
“The noticeable lack of information on the steps taken by the authorities to locate and recover the five missing persons is most disconcerting and raises alarming doubts on the adequacy of the safety and security measures in the country.  
“This is especially so in the case of Pastor Raymond Koh, as his abduction was captured on video by several closed-circuit television cameras,” said Varughese in a statement released today.
“Only concrete and clear action by the authorities will alleviate public fear and anxiety, and instil confidence in the safety and security of this country. In this regard, the Malaysian Bar also calls on the police to provide regular updates on the status of their investigations.”
On Sunday, CCM organised a “Day of Solidarity – pilgrimage towards justice and peace” at the CCM Ecumenical Centre.
The event was held to mark a day of solidarity for the four missing activists. Among the attendees were Hakam president Ambiga Sreenevasan, former minister Zaid Ibrahim, social activist Marina Mahathir and Kuala Lumpur Archbishop Julian Leow.
At the same time the event was being held at Petaling Jaya, a fifth activist and former Petaling Jaya City Council councillor Peter Chong, 54, was also reported missing by his son, Darryl.
Chong, the former aide to Subang MP R. Sivarasa, has been missing since April 5.
His last message on Twitter and Facebook was on April 6 where he noted that “GE14 will be about religion #RUU355 – a frightening future for Malaysia”.
The first among the five to go missing was Amri Che Mat from Perlis. He is a social activist, forex trader, and founder of charity organisation, Perlis Hope. He was last seen at home on November 24, 2016.
About a week later, Joshua Hilmy was reported missing. He is a pastor of Malay descent and a former Muslim. His wife, Ruth, is also believed to be missing.
Koh was abducted from his silver Honda Accord on February 13. Koh’s case gained attention when an alleged CCTV recording of his abduction went viral. 

The 5 Who are Missing

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

National Garlic Day and Health Benefits of Garlic

MacKenzie Childs Garlic Keeper
Uses for Garlic

Ahhh… garlic, that Italian cure-all. You can hardly go wrong any way you try it. 

Here’s one special way I use it:
First, go to the garden (or the grocery store) and bring home a couple bulbs of garlic. A bulb is the golf-ball size pod of the plant, which can be separated into many cloves—shaped like the individual wedges taken from an orange. Break off two or three large cloves, and lay them on your counter. Set some water on the stove to warm, and then spread out a clean washcloth or double-thick paper towel. Smack the garlic cloves with the bottom of a heavy glass to lightly bruise or crush them. Now the papery skin will come off easily. Take the bruised cloves and dice them up, or smash them in a garlic press so that the juice billows out the familiar aroma that makes you hungry for Lasagna.

Lay the 2-3 tablespoons of minced garlic in the center of your washcloth or paper towel, and fold in the edges of the cloth, creating what I call a “poultice” or “plaster.” Place this garlic pad in a bowl or plate and pour warm (not hot) water over it. Let it sit for 5 seconds or so, then drain and squeeze the excess water out with your hands. Apply the warm (not hot!) poultice to the chest, back, and soles of the feet (alternately) for about 60 seconds each for treatment of any virus, cold, flu, infection, etc…

Garlic poultices can also be used for earaches—placing crushed garlic or a garlic poultice against the infected ear. Also, a clove of garlic wedged in the ear like an old fashioned hearing aid works great for earaches (but be careful not to leave too long, or you will burn the skin!)

For flesh wound infections, hold against the wound lightly for about two minutes. Repeat several times a day.

To treat eye infections, hold poultice over the tightly closed eye for about two minutes. Careful! This burns really bad if it gets in the eye.

Warm garlic oil is also healing and comforting in an ear when there is an infection. The oil is made by adding a few drops of olive oil to a tiny bit of fresh crushed garlic, let sit for a few minutes, then strain out all the garlic and discard. The oil that goes in the ear must be free of any visible particles. You will have enough for one application of warm garlic oil for an earache. I always make mine fresh. Do not make it too strong, because it can burn the skin. Experiment on the inside of your arm to see how strong or how long you can leave the garlic on your skin without it burning. It can literally blister your skin (chemical heat.)

A very weak or mild, warm garlic water douche is helpful for female infections. Douche recipe – pour very warm water over crushed garlic in a sieve. Dilute with cold water until tepid. Check by tasting it, so that the garlic flavor is very light.

Warm water poured over crushed garlic in a strainer, with added vinegar and honey will make a “tea” or “gargle water” that will knock out the worst sore throat or mouth infection.

Tips to Live By:
Don’t wait until you are miserable before taking action! As soon as you feel that sore throat coming on, sip some hot garlic water, and you will NEVER get sick. If you are tough, and your love-life is secure, you can just eat a garlic clove raw. Treat your children as soon as they get cranky; don’t wait until they get an infection.

Garlic is very strong. If the patient’s nose starts running with clear mucus like a dripping faucet, then it’s time to ease off on the garlic treatment. It will open every pore and detox you so quickly and thoroughly, you may be miserable if you over-do it. So, be watchful.

Grow your own garlic! Once you learn how to use it, you will quickly become dependent on it. If you have your own little garlic plot in the backyard, you won’t have to make midnight runs to the grocery store when junior gets a cold.

Read the following book. It will give you many more practical tips and home-care knowledge that will keep you from going to the doctor.  The ABC Herbal by Steven H. Horne is written to help moms learn how to treat their children with herbs. It is short, simple and would be a help for all moms.

NOTE: This is how I use garlic, but I am not a licensed medical doctor, and do not intend this as advice on how you should use it. Consult your physician.

by Rebekah Joy Anast

Link --- >  GARLIC, again

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Labradoodle Dog

Combine a Labrador and a Poodle; and you get a Labradoodle.  Sadie looks like a teddy bear and has  a sweet personality.  Only 6 months old at the time of these pictures which were sent to me by my Sis.

 Sadie lives in a town called Sunriver with her Piano-teacher owner. Their home is large & rustic; and located next to a golf course. I'd been to the house, but this was a couple of years before Sadie was born. What I liked most about  it --other than that it was gorgeous and had two baby grand Steinway pianos in one room -- was the awesome & spectacular view of Mount Bachelor from the wall of large windows. 

1 of 2 Steinway baby grand pianos in the LR

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Dealing with Hateful People in our Lives

Remembering Corrie ten Boom on her birthday!

The story:

Beverly Theater in Los Angeles, 1975: At the premiere of the motion picture, The Hiding Place, (the story of Corrie ten Boom and her family), a tear gas canister was thrown into the theater. The guests were evacuated. (The movie was premiered the following evening. Also, due to the terror attack and subsequent media attention, the movie had remarkable success.)

At a reception later that evening, ten Boom spoke in her distinctive Dutch accent: “People asked me tonight, ‘What did you feel about this [tear-gas] bomb that was falling?’ I was touched. I was sad. Do you know why? Not only because there was in some way disappointment for people who had hoped to see the film but because on that bomb was the Hakenkreuz, the [Nazi] swastika.

“What we have to do,” said Corrie ten Boom, “is love these people who hate us—love them, pray for them. These people are wounded people who have hate in their hearts. They need forgiveness. They need the Lord. That is the answer we must give.”

--> Link

Friday, April 7, 2017

President Obama Had Worst Economic Record In Decades

pc: wikipedia
The news is out – but it’s something we’ve suspected for a long time.
Under Barack Obama, America experienced the worst economic growth of any president since World War II.
The U.S. economy grew a pathetic 1.6 percent annually during the eight years Obama occupied the White House. One has to go back to Herbert Hoover to find a more dismal growth rate.
The former president’s best year was 2015, when the economy grew at 2.6 percent after rising from 2.4 percent the year prior, The New York Post reports
Since World War II, there have been 13 presidents, starting with Harry Truman, who began his administration in the aftermath of a great world war, and yet he still bested Obama on economic growth.
Being the absolute worst of 13 presidents is no small matter. Barack Obama had eight years to get the economy back in shape. George H.W. Bush and the terrible Jimmy Carter only had four years and even they did better than Obama.
Here – according to The Post – are the average growth rates for each President:
  • Johnson (1964-68), 5.3 percent
  • Kennedy (1961-63), 4.3 percent
  • Clinton (1993-2000), 3.9 percent
  • Reagan (1981-88), 3.5 percent
  • Carter (1977-80), 3.3 percent
  • Eisenhower (1953-60), 3 percent
  • Nixon (1969-74), 2.8 percent
  • Ford (1975-76), 2.6 percent
  • G.H.W. Bush (1989-92), 2.3 percent
  • G.W. Bush (2001-08), 2.1 percent
  • Truman (1946-52), 1.7 percent
  • Obama (2009-16), 1.6 percent
On the flip side of the Coin, the first two months of Donald Trump’s administration appears to be headed in the right economic direction. Jobs are up, economic numbers are down, unemployment is down and there is record optimism in the future.


Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Haribo Gummy Bears in the USA

The VERY BEST licorice/gummy candy I've ever had  is called Color-Rado. They are so good that I judge  them in a tie to some candies from my current fave brand, See's Candy.   These licorice/gummies/caramel  candies were given to us by our son and daughter in law who live in Germany.  The manufacturer is Bonn-based, Haribo.  

I am super excited to hear of Haribo's plan to manufacture their Gummy Bears in Kenosha, Wisconsin in  year 2020. Read the article below. I am hoping that someday they will consider adding Color-Rado to their line-up in the WI factory.

gifts for us from Germany


Source: Haribo
Germany's iconic gummy bear will soon be "Made in USA."
Bonn-based Haribo, which invented the gummy bear nearly a century ago, said Friday it would open a U.S. factory in Wisconsin in 2020.
Haribo, founded in 1920, has been in the U.S. since 1982 with a sales operation, and is already the top seller of gummy bears in the country, but says it wants to grow further.
Company head Hans Guido Riegel says "Haribo of America is the fastest growing confectionary company in the U.S.A., therefore the step of starting our own production there from 2020 is important for us."
The $242 million factory near Kenosha is expected to create 400 jobs. Haribo employs 7,000 people worldwide and produces 100 million gummy bears daily at 16 factories in ten countries.

source: HARIBO Gummy Bears

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Post Wedding Party and Fortuitous Meetings

We could not attend J & S's destination wedding in Mexico last January.  Thankful that their parents gave a small party for the many others who also could not attend. Food was plentiful, home-cooked, and terrific.  Life's simple pleasures are the best!

tossed salad


pancit, eggrolls, meatballs

cake-pop cake
Anne came up to me at the party and asked how I know the groom's family. She was an MK in India during her youth. Her daughter and SIL are currently Christian missionaries in the PI. She has ties to Wheaton College via her childhood home's close proximity (1 block) to the college. So, of course, I got the address of the house, and had to take a picture.  I will soon send it to her via our mutual friend.  

Then, we were introduced to Nate.  He is the source of the pot rack pictured below which was in the kitchen.  I'd been looking for a pot rack, and this style would be PERFECT for us.  Hoping he is a man of his word as he'll try to get one for me at a very reasonable price. Can hardly wait.

Nate and my hubby