Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Thankful for our new duster.  It has thirty-six+ inches of reach. Cleaning and dusting has suddenly become less of a hassle. And, the soft yet effective real ostrich feathers are less likely to damage our paintings and other treasures. Why did we never purchase one before? 

dusting the cobwebs from Melvin the moose

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

There's a Summer Place: Gyro Fan-light

Should we go for  practical  with yet another common, heat-dispersing ceiling-fan just as we had owned previously?  
Or, should we be daring and different with a  cool-looking  UMBRELLA chandelier which means the purchase and use of more floor fans?  

How about YES to both cool-looking and practical! Introducing the unusual GYRO fan light!! 

ETA 2019


Saturday, June 18, 2016

Shangri La, Hawaii: Unforgettable in Doris Duke's Hawaian estate

Out of the very many gorgeous and priceless items Miss Duke purchased,  one stood literally head and shoulders above the rest:  the Mihrab -- the prayer corner from a tomb in the 12th century. A rarity and a much sought after piece.  The tiles shimmered,  the details were exquisite. What a stunner in blue! Must be seen IRL to be fully appreciated.

FYI:  Our docent of the estate tour told us of her recent experience with another tour group: She had been giving her  usual spiel about the Mihrab; that most, if not all, face EAST in the direction of Mecca. A Muslim in the group piped-up and said that they actually face in that direction to pay homage to the source of truth --- the EAST (which includes Mecca). Oh, really?! I knew better. As a committed follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, here are the facts:  Men of renown (and armed to the hilt) actually went on a very long, very dangerous journey --- away from the East.  These wise men left their country/region/the East, and traveled in the opposite direction for many many miles and for many many months to seek King Jesus/ a Jew/ the Messiah, who says that He is the way, the TRUTH, and the life.  

Now when Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judaea in the days of Herod the king, behold, there came wise men from the east to Jerusalem,
 Saying, Where is he that is born King of the Jews? for we have seen his star in the east, and are come to worship him

(The Gospel according to Matthew 2:1-2, emphasis mine)

Mihrab (prayer niche) from the tomb of Imamzada Yahya Ilkhanid period, dated Sha’ban 663 A.H. (1265 AD) Iran (Kashan)

Sunday, June 12, 2016

"Justin Bieber" doing the Blues on Jazz Accordion

The real Justin got beaten in a brawl, 
but our Justin is no loser!

Danny  playing "C - Jam Blues" on Accordion; 
accompanied by Don @ A & A's Recital

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Donald Trump: Your Take on My Photo?

Sign of the [Future] Times?

Your political leanings will likely determine how you'll react to my picture.  To a Liberal this is meaningless, but his feelings of fear/discomfort simply won't go away as he ponders the current political climate from his seat of scorn.  Surely the uninformed masses must see Trump as he/she sees him --- stupid, dangerous, too rich, all flash but no substance, and a misogynistic meany.

 A Conservative may see this as a glorious "sign from above" (LoL!) -- further proof that sitting on Trump's successful billionaire coattails is the way to go.  Surely the return of the bright, good ol' glory days is just around the corner with Trump in charge!  

For me, I am still pondering for whom I'll vote. This one thing I do know: I will keep my run-of-the-mill cell phone a while longer. It's low on features, but adequate in its picture-taking ability when used outdoors. 

Trump Tower in the afternoon sun

Trump ChicagoType: Hotels, condos and retail
  • What Trump Owns: 100%
  • Total Value: $169 million
  • Debt: $50 million (est.)
  • Net Value: $119 million
  • Change vs. 2015: -$39 million

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

AIRBNB: Gemany

Our very first rental though AIRBNB! We arrived safely from Chi-town, and this gem was our destination for our first 2 nights. We rented a whole apartment located on the 3rd floor. 
The apartment itself had 3 levels of living space. There were enough beds to house 4 guests. Complete with kitchen, full bath, wifi, cable, and plenty of windows to let the sunshine in.  Its real appeal to me was its modern vibe and airiness; along with its reasonable rental cost. The whole building is owned and designed by a friendly architect married to a hairdresser wife (her shop was in the basement). They also happen to live in the same building, one floor down. 

Front of building facing the street.  
That's our bedroom and balcony on the third level.

Metal stairs to the apartment's  upper level and catwalk

Upper level kitchen

Upper level sitting area; same level as the kitchen. 
 Rooms connected by catwalk

View of the loft area, uppermost level, from the sitting area. 
 Facing catwalk to the kitchen

Bedroom, lower level 

Another view of the bedroom; balcony, mirror, floor-to-ceiling window

Bathroom's bathtub area, lower level

View from kitchen, upper level

Looking down at the backyard from the same kitchen. 
We saw a cat "fishing" at the little pond

Flower pot in garden

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Online Dating: Happily Ever After

I consider this post to be my most important of the year. It is my hope that it will be especially encouraging to never-married single ladies who are waiting on the Lord's will regarding a future spouse. 

 To the never-married single men: take note of what the groom did to ensure the success of his search for a wife.

FriendThis picture is gorgeous. The look on her face, the way the light pours down onto the flowers in her bouquet. I was in front, off to the side and I could see Phil  breathing and shaking (a little), lol. That's why I was in agreement that they were just about out of their skin in excitement and joy. But I absolutely love this picture, Cheryl!  A frame-worthy picture. 

Mother Of the Bride: I couldn't agree more. ..
 I love the lighting, how it cascades, your are right. Also the look on both of their faces. Phil longed for this moment, and one could clearly see that in his eyes. Thank you, Crys, you are right on target.

Friend: Yeah, the look on Bill's face here too. He's about to give away his daughter. It's down to the sparkles on her dress, the necklace that is in the perfect spot. I could see this in a magazine. 

But for real, there was so much love in that church and then at the reception, more love. No need for anything but family, friends and each other. Okay, food too, lol but it was by far up there in my best day ever folder.

MOB: My beautiful daughter, whom I love dearly. She radiated! It's the truest form of love you will find, from the vows, to lighting of candle, God has richly blessed them. Yes, the best day ever!!!

Friend: Yes. I can only imagine how proud you both were! And emotional. I can tear up thinking about it. Lol. Down to the vows... "I give myself to only you." *clutches heart* made me excited for my own (hopefully) future wedding

MOBWe are a mixed bag, but so happy for them. All that they said and gestured was full of love, trueness, and oneness. God will place a man of Christ into your path. That moment he clutched his heart to the I DOs....the impact was highly felt. The Pastors were wonderful!

 It was perfect.

FYI:  The FB conversation above was in reference to a stunning picture of the bride and her Dad which, thankfully, was captured by hubby. It is posted at the bottom of this page.  "Phil" is the groom's name.  During the ceremony, the bride and groom were observed by their guests ( including yours truly) to be literally jumping out of their skin with excitement, and the multitude and depth of their feelings. 

This was not a couple  who had been sitting at home with glazed eyes and twiddling their thumbs as they "... waited on the Lord"  for a future spouse.  Each was busy with real life and goals (she graduated from college; he had a thriving business on the internet).  Yet, they were smart enough to be pro-active in their desire to meet like-minded single people:  they signed up for eHarmony!  After a while, Phil went beyond his comfort zone and extended his search for a girl to "beyond 25 miles." 

  -- they each hit the jackpot 14 months ago.  They are a walking advertisement for online dating that works, and that good things DO happen to those who wait. 

For the Lord God is a sun and shield: 

the Lord will give grace and glory: 

no good thing will he withhold from them
 that walk uprightly. 
Psalm 84:11