Sunday, September 27, 2015

Bank Check Number #10000

We've written over 10,000 checks in our married life. IMO, such a large number is an indication, not of wealth, but of the steady depletion of our cash reserves. Having a large family tends to do that to you.  

Our new set of checks will have the verse below imprinted on it. It was Hubby's suggestion and choice. Had he noticed my despondency? Having had to write very many checks over the years to Payees named VISA, or Mortgageor University, or Utilities, or Music Class, or Gift tends to have that effect. I'll see the Bible verse each time I write a check. Hopefully, it will focus my eyes off of our circumstances, and more on King Jesus. He does happen to own the cattle on a thousand hills (read: He's above Bill Gates on Forbes' list, the whole world is His, and He has the type of riches that money cannot buy).  Our wealth thru Christ is beyond measure. We will be okay. Being the daughter of a mighty King will tend to do that for you. Bring on the next 10,000 checks!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Art Institute of Chicago's "Islamic Art"

Looking back at the Islamic Art exhibit during our visit to the Art Institute of Chicago:  

12-pointed star.  12th century. Timurid Dynasty (1370-1507).  Iran or Central Asia. Glazed fritware (Fritware, also known as Islamic stone-paste, is a type of pottery in which frit is added to clay to reduce its fusion temperature. As a result, the mixture can be fired at a lower temperature than clay alone.), cut and assembled as a mosaic.

Table by Carlo Bugatti.  

Plate/Charger, Bookbinder, and Vase

Sinan the Jew and Haireddin Barbarossa, c. 1535