Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Car auction winnings

Yes, Folks...we are now proud owners of TWIN Crown Victoria automobiles through my frugal, auction-loving husband.  On the left, the newer car, is a 2006 Crown Victoria; on the right is a 2003 Police Interceptor Crown Victoria. The same make, yet slightly different model.

Usually, a new car means a simple, albeit expensive, process of filling out forms to change the title to one's name. Hoh, boy...not this time. Here is the note that was given to us at time of purchase of the 2006 Crown Victoria:
According to  Secretary of State, anyone can purchase a vehicle that has a salvage title.  The purchaser will have to find a person who has a salvage license/re-builder license and have them apply for new title in their name, which takes up to six weeks.  When they get it back from the State, the re-builder then can transfer it to the purchaser, all for a fee...
Wha??!!! We need to FIND someone with this special license to get our car title? Instead of a two-step process, it's a three-step process with an added fee for this individual??  What if no such person exists? What if the car doesn't pass the required inspection? Sure, we got this car for cheap, but will we ever ever legally own it?  What has my dear hubby gotten us into??!?!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Lovely Lily

Here are some recent pictures sent to me by my Sis in Oregon.  Because of the distance, we don't see them more than twice a year (on a good year).  She, her husband, daughter Lily, and  dog Theo love it too much where they are located to move back to the drab Midwest.  Thankful for email and FB, though.  

Just got a haircut, and I found the sun

Look at me!
hot dog!
lazy Sunday afternoon
she made it all by herself!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

It's Easter 2011 !

Remember that Jesus Christ of the seed of David was raised from the dead according to my gospel...
the Apostle Paul, writing to Timothy in the Bible (2 Timothy 2:8)

What the nail during Jesus' crucifixion may have looked like;
 more likely to be thicker, and much more rough and unfinished

Happy Resurrection Sunday, Everyone!

Wherefore He is able also to save them to the uttermost that come unto God by Him,
 seeing He ever liveth to make intercession for them 
-- the Bible, Hebrews:7:25

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Nails in our Car Tire

On this Easter 2011 weekend, nails are in the news. These particular nails were discovered  embedded in the wheels of our Crown Vics during a routine check-through yesterday.  Very likely picked up through the many miles logged by each vehicle.  Now we know the source of their sloooooow leaks. 

Whew. At least the wheels  did not blow up while the cars were going 65+ miles/hour, on a busy highway, during a slippery rainstorm/snowstorm.    I can only imagine the disasters we may have averted by the mercy of God on us. Thank you, Lord Jesus!

So, to anyone reading this, if your car tires  seem to lose tire pressure repeatedly, have them checked out, 'kay?

Thursday, April 21, 2011

C.S. Lewis' Bust

...and Lewis' desk at the Marion Wade Center.  There is no entrance nor parking fee, and we're in the area for Music lessons 3x a week, so visiting this interesting place is a no-brainer.  It was quick, though, as we had to get to back to the lesson, but we managed to get these few pictures (they allow picture-taking for personal use). Ordering your own bust is an option ---- the first Bust in the series, pictured, costs $7K.  The wardrobe was made by Lewis' grandfather; and was the inspiration for The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe


Monday, April 18, 2011

Pretty Blue Eyes @ Baker Hill Restaurant

We don't eat at this popular spot often enough.  The opportunity arose when our friends from Michigan were in town for a visit. Good food -- for cheap. 
Whoa! How long has the restaurant had a roaming Balloon Man?!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Master Class with William Wolfram

What a privilege to partake in a Master Class at the college level.  This was the opportunity presented to our daughter Jill today, along with 2 other students.  The "master" was professional Pianist William Wolfram, pictured in the ad flyer below. 

He had terrific ideas on how she could play her Beethoven Tempest Sonata piece even better. Forty minutes was devoted solely to critiquing her piano playing.  He was not nit-picky or harsh. He had a down-to-earth attitude, and came across as friendly and helpful. No wonder  I could  spend hours picking the mind of famous, long-time professional Pianists such as he.  Anyhoo, it was a great end to a long day for our daughter as well as her  good, ol' Momma.  This rare event was another great opportunity that the  Lord Jesus Christ threw across our path.  I continue to be awed by His goodness to us as a family.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mr Bubbles

She's been with us exactly a year. In spite of our friends' warnings that a big dog means big poop, big hairy mess (true), and loud barking (double true) my hubby went ahead and filled out adoption papers for her at our local county animal shelter. THEN, he told me about it. He was second-in-line, though.  Another family was ahead of us and ready to pick her up that very evening. However, the Lord had other plans as she was still available 3 days later. Who would have thunk! 

Here she is, in all her kind-of sleepy glory:

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Elmo Manifestations

I've loved Elmo since I was a young 'un.  He was introduced to me through Sesame Street as a cute, little red-furred puppet. No episode was complete without giggling Elmo. Kris, our first-born, liked the show also; and she'd see him on the telly at least once a week.  Fast forward 15 years+  and you'd think we'd outgrown him, and he's no longer a part of our lives (as a rule, our other kids don't watch a lot of television or DVDs).  Well, surprise, surprise.  Elmo STILL shows up in all the right (or wrong) places, LoL!

Elmo with Cookie Monster as a sweet cupcake dessert

Elmo Cake
Elmo balloon at my cousin's daughter's b-day

Elmo Pinata

Elmo MONSTER!!!!!

Oh no! HELP!!

Get Elmo out of here, mommy!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cat poop Coffee is expensive

Here is our daughter's status post on FB a few days ago: 

AHHHHHH!!! I have  kopi luwak beans! Yes, that's right. Cat pooh coffee. Sarah S is the best roommate ever! :D

Me oh my. Our college-aged daughter, in the midst of an academically-challenging semester, has found some respite, some comfort, some fun, some sense of accomplishment --- not through the dissection of a cat in her pursuit of a Nursing degree --- but through the ingestion of what has passed through the digestive tract of the Toddy Cat .  Ewwwwww. Gross. Yuck. I admit that I'm probably speaking out of ignorance, but still.....Just imagining from whence the beans spewed forth hinders me from enjoying one sip of this super-expensive brew.

She and her partners-in-crime are shown below:

Afterwards, she noted a reaction to the coffee.  This was her e-mail to us:  The allergic reaction I had was just itching, slight redness, and a few small raised welts on my face. But since allergic reactions are always worse the second time, I probably won't have that coffee again....

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hello Kitty Car

Hello Kitty as car-decor!  Sarah J took the picture while being driven around on her Philippine mission trip a few days ago. The PI has always had an eye for eye-popping colors and popular ladies, and HK fits the bill to a T.  Also shown are my super-expensive cashmere/swarovski crystal gloves that I had bought from Neiman Marcus in 2006.  They're rather fragile (I poked a hole early on); but much, much better looking in real life.