Saturday, March 30, 2019

Favorite Anthropologie Purchases

Anthropologie is one of my favorite store IRL, and online -- for clothes, accessories, and home.  I wait till there is a good sale, of course! Their dresses are my go-to choice whenever there is a wedding or "fancy" event. First dress I hope to wear for niece's wedding this year, God willing. 

pc: Anthro, beaded halter dress

via Anthro
pc: boots, api.shopstyle
pc: Anthro, Bowtie Shimmer Clutch
LeBon toothpaste
pc: anthropologie

red embroidered silk pilows

Astra Light

pc: Palm Beach sunglasses, Anthropologie

front door mat

pc: Anthro

pc: Finley, by Anthro

pc: Anthro, Moonlit Scarf

Palm Beach Sunglasses sold out!


Thursday, March 28, 2019

Hope for Actor Clint Bondad

pc: Instagram
I am a fan of model, Clint Bondad,  though just in the past year. 

 The Miss Universe contest brought him into my radar.  That, plus he is of German-Filipino descent  and was born in Germany (birthday, Sept 27th). So like like our beloved grandson! 

 As of this writing, he now admits to being the former BF of Miss Universe, Catriona Gray. Looks like she broke up with him even before the pageant. I am praying for Mr Bondad. Yes, he needs the Lord Jesus Christ  first and foremost, but he is also vulnerable to the lies of Satan that he is not good enough for Miss Gray nor for anyone else.  May God shield , strengthen and have mercy on CB.  May He direct Mr Bondad to the only rock-solid hope he will ever need in this life and in the life to come -- the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

I Want an Antique Floor Mirror

The One Item Nate Berkus Swears By for Making a Space Look Bigger - Domino Magazine

If you can fit it into your budget, a big mirror will add instant drama and does the trick of opening your home's space.  

I  recently went into my fave resale shop and happen upon a large mirror.  Not an antique and scratched in spots, but for the price of $12 it was worth the purchase. Thank God for son's help in loading it into my car. 

Domino Magazine:  Time to hit up your local thrift shop: You need a vintage mirror. Aside from adding charm and a certain old-school flair that’s guaranteed to be a conversation-starter, these pieces are a great way to fill up an empty wall when traditional artwork won’t do. Small-space dwellers will note another benefit of large mirrors—they open up a room and make it feel instantly larger.

Read the rest of the article H E R E 

pc: CB2
wall mirror in our dining area


Sunday, March 24, 2019

Kitchen Renovation: Demo Day At Last!

After months of waiting, the work on our  raised-ranch kitchen has begun.  A galley kitchen, with an area of 12 by 10 feet, will be made to seem larger by knocking down 2 walls.

The kitchen will then open to the DR and the LR, and -- tadaaa -- becomes an open-concept kitchen.  God help and prosper our efforts.  I am so excited.

We're sticking to the same Contractor: Andy and his side-kick, Luke.  Two hardworking men whom I know swear often, though in Polish.  They break out in song too, once in a while.

LR wall to kitchen

DR wall to kitchen
old tile floor previously installed by our son

... and the walls came tumbling down!

We can hardly wait till the work is done!

Ecclesiastes 2:24


Friday, March 22, 2019

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Tiny Home Has Everything Within 240 Square Feet

I see tiny homes such as these and feel better: our own small home at least exceeds 240 square feet in size -- hoorah!!  

Yet, we also want to learn about tiny-home-living.  It's an option for when we downsize.  Retirement is coming up whether we like it or not.

Tiny House Squeezes Our Dream Kitchen and Shower Into 240 Square Feet - Lydia Geisel

Living in a  tiny home on wheels certainly comes with its advantages, like being able to travel on the fly or grow your savings. But with every perk comes a compromise. We were firm believers that going small meant giving up on at least a few of our biggest design goals. That is until we learned that you can, in fact, pack your dream kitchen and bathroom into just 238 square feet.
On February 7, home brand  Allswell will be taking a tiny home–turned–temporary retail space across the country to showcase its Luxe Hybrid mattress and the beauty of small-space living. The custom-built abode, designed by tiny-home builders  Modern Tiny Living, will make its way through multiple cities, including New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Nashville, and Austin. While there’s plenty to see, feel, and test out by way of bedding and throw pillows, we can’t get over how many stylish features the brand was able to fit into an itty-bitty space.
“We wanted our first physical store to be a manifestation of our brand ethos: luxe quality in a tiny package,” shares Arlyn Davich, Allswell brand president. “Just like our mattress, we packed the most premium features in our tiny home.”
Spanning four rooms total—a bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, and living space—the shoppable house features a number of space-savvy built-in features including a custom couch/twin bed with integrated cubbies, a tiled shower ledge in the bathroom, and a storage ladder in the master bedroom.

We wanted the space to evoke the feeling of Allswell,” says Rachael Durkin, head of retail activations for the brand. “We kept a clean and modern aesthetic but focused on each and every detail and customer touchpoint.”

Standout design details in the cozy abode include brass accents, whitewashed wood paneling throughout, a quotable shower moment, a wood-clad laundry station, and a rustic breakfast bar for two. For warm summer nights and ultimate viewing pleasure, the master bedroom is positioned in a breezeway with garage doors on one side and French doors on the other. Though, if we were to re-create any moment in this tiny paradise in a full-size home, it would be that dreamy blue-and-white kitchen.

While the Allswell home will be traveling across the country for the next few weeks, shoppers who are particularly smitten with the mobile house can snag it for themselves. Beginning February 7, the space will be available for purchase on the company’s website  with a starting price of $100,000.