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Sweets from Germany

Our oldest son made an unexpected appearance at our front door when he should have been 5000 miles away.  I had just been to his old bedroom and had felt nostalgic. Sigh. 
A half-hour later, there he was in real life! I didn't care about the why, what, where, or when... only that he was home and I could hug him. I felt thrilled, thankful, amazed. This must have been how the prodigal son's father felt.    Even the dogs & cat got so very excited. He also came bearing delicious gifts.  Oh, joy! Thank You, Jesus!! 

  ecstatic dog

my faves!!!
glamorous card a-la Audrey

stoic (read: excited, happy) Kitty

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Do you have a healthy brain?

SPECT SCAN of a healthy brain, heroin brain, and

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source:STV Magazine Nov-Dec, 2011; "America's Worst Nightmare"; Ron Brown

From a recent FB status update of a friend who was
delivered from the sin of pornography 
in the name and in the power 
of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Praise the Lord!

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