Thursday, February 20, 2020

Fine Art: David Geffen, Billionaire Birthday Boy

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I first became aware of who David Geffen is during the 1970s when news broke out that he and newly-separated-from-Sonny Cherilyn Sarkisian (aka, 
Cher have begun dating. He had plenty of hair back in the day. She later dumped him, and referred to him as a short guy.  Well, he may be short but he is also super-rich, powerful, and gay. Plus, he's quite an Art collector. 

 After making many millions from the sale of his home/property (The Jack Warner Estate) to fellow-billionaire Jeff Bezos, Geffen turned around and re-purchased an old painting which he had sold in 1985. It's called, "The Splash," by David Hockney; purchase price, $30 million.  Mr Geffen's 77th birthday is February 21. Is this perhaps a birthday gift to himself? 
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Geffen, who Forbes has estimated is worth just more than $9 billion, had previously owned the 1966 piece of art but sold it in 1985, the outlet reported, citing Sotheby’s. Prior to the most recent sale, “The Splash” was owned by Chinese billionaire and art collector Joseph Lau. - Fox News
David Geffen, 2019 (pc: Paul Bruinooge/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)


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